︎ Roland Carline

Location: Online
27 April – 26 May

Deptford Freestylers, Roland Carline, 2020

Mascara Film Club is pleased to present an online screening of Deptford Freestylers (2020) a film by Roland Carline with the inclusive dance group Deptford Freestylers.

“This film was made on 12 November 2019 the eve of the UK general election. We were very happy to be together and as soon as we left each other on this night everything went to shit.  We meet every Tuesday in South London.  Come and find us and hang out/ freestyle with us anytime. You can contact us on insta @deptford_freestylers.”

– Roland

Duration: 9 mins

Access Information

The audio has open captions in English.

London, UK