︎ Joanna McClurg

Location: online

Mascara Film Club is pleased to present an online screening of two videos, Black Mountain (2020) and Viva Palestine Viva Ireland (2020), by artist Joanna McClurg. This double screening looks at the personal and local histories of Belfast’s Black Mountain. While officially only a hill, Black Mountain boasts the highest point in greater Belfast. It has served as a burial ground for ancient Irish kings, the source of rivers that fuelled the linen industry, propelling Belfast from provincial town to linchpin of the British Empire, and, perhaps most controversially, a major operational base of the British Army.

Black Mountain follows 86 year-old Victor who walks almost 10 miles every day with someone else’s dog. During these walks he reminisces. Zig-zagging across the mountain and between memories, he reveals his unconventional view of the world.

Viva Palestine Viva Ireland is a found footage film documenting the Irish republican collective Gael Force Art, known for adorning the hillside with political slogans made from white, fabric letters. The group assert a message of solidarity between Ireland and Palestine, drawing parallels between their entangled histories of dispossession, colonialism and state violence. Viva Palestine Viva Ireland considers the political, material and poetic aspects of the group’s work and attempts to formulate a reply to their usually declarative or imperative ‘bedsheet statements.’

16 September – 13 October 2021

  • Black Mountain, Joanna McClurg, 2020, 46 mins
  • Viva Palestine Viva Ireland, Joanna McClurg, 2020, 8 mins

︎ John Smith

Location: Online
6 August – 1 September

Mascara Film Club is pleased to present an online screening of A State of Grace, 2019 by John Smith.

Enigmatic diagrams and the artist’s poor hearing on a flight to Ireland trigger a radical interpretation of the airline’s safety instructions.

Duration: 3 mins
Artist website: www.johnsmithfilms.com/
Access info: Closed captions are available in English.
Close up illustration from an airline fligh safety catelogue depicting a person putting on a yellow life jacket. Red arrows indicate the required movements.

A State of Grace, John Smith, 2019

︎ Lou Lou Sainsbury

Location: Online
27 May - 26 June

my hole is the place where i call myself a mother, Lou Lou Sainsbury, 2020

So where do you wanna go tonight?

By the time I am 60 I know that I will have learn’t how to listen to the voices in the holes of the trees,

Because there are holes in the trees in my bedroom in space, don’t you know?

@ursulauwe (Marie) and @_sarjon_ (Sarjon)

Duration: 21 mins

Artist website: www.loulousainsbury.com

︎ Roland Carline

Location: Online
27 April – 26 May

Deptford Freestylers, Roland Carline, 2020

Mascara Film Club is pleased to present an online screening of Deptford Freestylers (2020) a film by Roland Carline with the inclusive dance group Deptford Freestylers.

“This film was made on 12 November 2019 the eve of the UK general election. We were very happy to be together and as soon as we left each other on this night everything went to shit.  We meet every Tuesday in South London.  Come and find us and hang out/ freestyle with us anytime. You can contact us on insta @deptford_freestylers.”

– Roland

Duration: 9 mins

Access Information

The audio has open captions in English.

︎Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Therese Henningsen

Location: Online
1 – 28 April

We are pleased to present an online screening of Mainenancer (2018) a film by Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Therese Henningsen.

Maintenancer explores sex work and the maintenance of sex dolls in the German brothel Bordoll. Based on interviews with dominatrix, founder and madame, Evelyn Schwarz, and her assistant it documents the initial transitions into post-human prostitution, where sex work shifts from the physical body of the sex worker onto the sex doll or robot, with the doll as an interlocutor, whose dead weight demands regular lifting, disinfection and repair.

Thank you to Evelyn Schwarz, dominatrix, founder and madame at Bordoll and her assistant (anonymous).

Duration: 13 mins
Digital video with sound

Access Information

The audio has open captions in English. 

Maintenancer, Sidsel Meineche Hansen & Therese Henningsen, 2018

London, UK