︎ José Mario Dellow

Location: Online
7 January - 3 February 2021
We’re pleased to share the third film in our new series of monthly online screenings.

Extract from a conversation between three Guatemalan adoptees (2020) by artist and educator José Mario Dellow explores international adoption, drawing from the artist’s own experience of being adopted from Guatemala.

The video presents recordings from a conversation between José Mario Dellow and two other Guatemalan adoptees. Now in their mid-twenties, they discuss their evolving feelings towards their own adoptions.

Underscoring the conversation are a series of images taken from an album made for José Mario Dellow by his father when he was a small child, which he calls his ‘archive.’

This film was part of body of work exploring adoption and family exhibited in a solo exhibition The Only Guatemalan Adoptee in Essex at TOMA Project Space, Southend at the end of last year.

Video courtesy of the artist.
Image description: Animated GIF of 4 video stills from the screening of ‘Extract from a conversation between three Guatemalan adoptees’ by José Mario Dellow.  The photos are all sourced from a scrapbook made by the artist’s father, and include images of the adoption process, including photos of the artist as a baby with his newly adopted parents, a children’s party with other children adopted from Guatemala, as well as images of traditional Guatemalan fabrics.

London, UK