︎ Gatherings I 

Location: San Mei Gallery
Saturday 29 February 2020
4 - 7pm

overlove: Leap Year Day AddendumGeraldine Snell, 2020, (performance)
Der Spiegel, Keren Cytter2007 (video)
Untitled, Scarlett Hirst, 2019, (performance documentation) 
Eat. Cripple. Fuck Cripple, Misha Farrant, 2019 (performance)
Untitled, Bo Choy, 2020 (performance)
An Acupuncture Needle Dropped into the Inflatable Birthing Pool, Josephine Rock, 2020 (performance)
Person Specification, Reman Sadani, 2017 (video)
brother to brother, Imran Perretta, 2017 (video)
Image description: Animated GIF of video stills from the screening ‘Gatherings I’ Video still 1: Two women speak to camera sitting on the floor of an apartment. The caption reads ‘In this exact moment.’ Video still 2: A figure with a black covering over their head is overlaid on a collaged background of a field. The caption reads, ‘I’m just trying to pass.’
In a time not a time, and a place not a place  

Join us on the Leap Day for the first edition of Gatherings, with an afternoon programme of performance, readings and screenings. Gatherings is a new and ongoing event series by Mascara Film Club exploring the intersection of Performance and Artists Moving Image. The series looks to foreground these time-based media as open, social and communal events. Hosted by San Mei Gallery, this inaugural edition of Gatherings takes as its subject the use of scripts and artist writing within video and performance.

Please note that this event will not be taking place in our regular location, but at San Mei Gallery in Brixton. Given that we won’t be hosted in a bar, we’ve decided this will be a sober event. Instead, we will be providing some delicious vegan food!

London, UK