︎ 05

Location: Mascara Bar
Thursday 14 November 2019


鳩嗚 Gau Wu, Bo Choy, 2019
A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message, Rhea Storr, 2018
The Fruit, Michelle Williams Gamaker, 2017
Meanwhile on Set..., Jennifer Martin, 2018
From the street to the film studio, Mascara Film Club presents four artists shorts that explore the performative capacities of costume, both as a tool to re-examine historical and fictional narratives as well as a strategy of current political protest.
Image description: Animated GIF of video stills from the screening ‘05’. Video still 1: A Christian nun dressed in her habit opens a small make up mirror in front of a wine coloured curtain and purple flowers. Video still 2: A woman with a human like mask gestures towards her heart on a Hong Kong street at dusk. Video still 3: A person wearing an elaborate carnival costume stands on a wooden bench in front of a field in the English countryside. Video still 4: A woman holds her hands up face forward looking to the side of the camera wearing a plain grey t shirt. The scene is dark and lit with blue light.

London, UK