︎ 04

Location: Mascara Bar
Thursday 10 October 2019

‘And the children? She gave them the power of the noise. She gave them information. The disease!’

A series of shorts that turn on fictive hinges (they creak). We present eight works in which absurd worlds rooted in the familiar offer estranged viewpoints, interrupted translations and weird protests. Including films by Cyrus Hung, Geraldine Snell, Sid Smith, Keren Cytter, Harriet Rickard, Callum Hill, Mikhail Karikis and Charlie Fegan. Hacked documents, pirated myths and stolen diaries make for sh-sh-shaky systems.
Image description: Animated GIF of video stills from the screening ‘04’. Video still 1: An underwater view looking down on a pair of hands with the bottom of a swimming pool in the background Video still 2: A group of children wearing patterned glow in the dark masks look at the camera in a darkened room Video still 3: An older man holds a paint brush close to the camera. His hand holding the paint brush is so close it is out focus. Video still 4: A feminine presenting person wearing a sexy cop is holding a script, revealing a part of her breast with her second hand as she looks to the camera, Video still 5: Close up image of a Preying Mantis with a light green border surrounding the image and a caption that says ‘And the beast.’  Video still 6: Overlaid images of a persons eyes and nose and a drum kit. Video still 7: Nighttime shot of a deserted subway with grey and blue tiles.

London, UK