︎ 03

Mascara Bar
Thursday 12 September 2019

Image description: Animated GIF of video stills from the screening ‘03’. Video still 1: Close up image of a finger drawing an abstract image in the condensation on a window. Video still 2: Abstract image of a dark red surface with what look to be scratches and dust inside the camera lens. Video still 3: Two overlaid black and white archive images, one a close up a black woman’s face as she sings with her mouth open, and other more blurred image of a woman’s head and upper body. Video still 4: An empty white billboard is surrounded by green leafy trees. Video still 5: Sepia coloured slightly abstract image of what looks like a fabric bag.
Six shorts that delve into performative testimony and reclamation. This month’s Mascara Film Club is feeling tender, as acts of resistance are levelled on intimate terms and affective registers. Featuring works by Jordan Baseman, Ufuoma Essi, Charlotte Hurst, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Harold Offeh and Lou Lou Sainsbury.

London, UK