︎ 02

Mascara Bar
Thursday 8 August

A false diamond earring, fallen pigeons, waterfalls, snail telegraphy, sock puppets: everything on earth is sopping sponge wet. For its second screening, Mascara Film Club presents a series of shorts that delve into fantastical and logorrheic narratives. Featuring work by artists Emma Finn, Nick Granata, Heather Phillipson, Paul Simon Richards, Louis Scantlebury, and Reman Sadani.
Image description: Animated GIF of video stills from the screening ‘02’. Video still 1: Digitally drawn cartoon of a small figure standing in front of a large hedge with three pigeons stuck in it. Video still 2: A digital collage of a fish emoji in a real life coral reef with a waterfall pouring out of the fish emoji’s eye. Video still 3: A woman gestures her hands to her sides with her palms facing up in front of a green screen. Two smaller image float above her upturned hands: one of herself turned to the side with her arm raised and another image of two white circles on a black background. Video still 4: A man dressed as a snail crawls along the floor in front of a glass block wall.

London, UK