Mascara Film Club

Mascara Film Club takes place once a month in a bar in North-East London. We screen artists’ moving image in more convivial contexts, batting our lashes to the rhythm of the unexpected, the seductive, the challenging, the political, the overlooked and the underseen.

Organised by Rufus Rock and Sid Smith, hosted by Mascara Bar in Stamford Hill.

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Thursday 19 December

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Untitled (A Momentation 4 Saul), free.yard, 2019
Bathynomus, Bronte Dow, 2019
Weed Killer, Patrick Staff, 2017
Why La Bamba, Kathryn Elkin, 2015
The Lost Ones, Richard Whitby, 2019

Image credits: Richard Whitby, The Lost Ones, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Kathryn Eklin, Why La Bamba, 2015, courtesy of the artist; free.yard, Untitled (A Momentation 4 Saul), 2019, courtesy of the artist; Bronte Dow, Bathynomus, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Patrick Staff, Weed Killer, 2017, courtesy of the artist.

Thursday 14 November

鳩嗚 Gau Wu, Bo Choy, 2019
A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message, Rhea Storr, 2018
The Fruit, Michelle Williams Gamaker, 2017
Meanwhile on Set..., Jennifer Martin, 2018

Image credits: Jennifer Martin, Meanwhile On Set..., 2018, courtesy of the artist; Bo Choy, 鳩嗚 Gau Wu, courtesy of the artist; Michelle Williams Gamaker, The Fruit, 2017, courtesy of the artist; Rhea Storr, A Protest, A Celebration, A Mixed Message, 2018, courtesy of the artist.

Thursday 10 October 

Sean Scully 'Uninsideout' Press Release MV, Cyrus Hung, 2019
Continuity (based on Continuity of Parks by Julio Cortazar), Keren Cytter, 2005
Extension (For Len Blavatnik), Sid Smith, 2018
No Black Magic?, Charlie Fegan, 2018
Overlove Episode 1, Geraldine Snell, 2018
Crowtrap, Callum Hill, 2018
No Ordinary Protest, Mikhail Karikis, 2018
People of the Town, Harriet Rickard, 2018

Image credits: Cyrus Hung, Sean Scully 'Uninsideout' Press Release MV, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Keren Cytter, Continuity (based on Continuity of Parks by Julio Cortazar), 2005, courtesy of the artist; Sid Smith, Extension (For Len Blavatnik), 2018, courtesy of the artist; Charlie Fegan, No Black Magic?, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Geraldine Snell, Overlove Episode 1, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Callum Hill, Crowtrap, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Mikhail Karikis, No Ordinary Protest, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Harriet Rickard, People of the Town, 2018, courtesy of the artist.

Thursday 12 September

SWEET TOOTH, Charlotte Hurst, 2019
my only big proposal now remains that all images be rewilded…, Lou Lou Sainsbury, 2018
All That You Can’t Leave Behind, Ufuoma Essi, 2019
Blackout, Jordan Baseman, 2017
Smile, Harold Offeh, 2001 
The Cesspool of Rapture, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, 2017

Image credits: Charlotte Hurst, SWEET TOOTH, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Lou Lou Sainsbury, my only big proposal now remains that all images be rewilded…, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Ufuoma Essi, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Jordan Baseman, Blackout, 2017, courtesy of the artist; Harold Offeh, Smile, 2001, courtesy of the artist; Joseph Noonan-Ganley, The Cesspool of Rapture, 2017, courtesy of the artist.

Thursday 8 August

The Sympathy Machination, Emma Finn, 2019
Falling and Dancing, Nick Granata, 2019
TRUE TO SIZE, part 6: DELUGE, Heather Phillipson, 2015
∆ HS. FS. ZWN-BS. NC. BS., Paul Simon Richards, 2015
Threadbare, Louis Scantlebury, 2019
Person Specification, Reman Sadani, 2017 

Image credits: Emma Finn, The Sympathy Machination, 2019, courtesy of the artist; Paul Simon Richards, ∆ HS. FS. ZWN-BS. NC. BS., 2015, courtesy of the artist and Arcade; Heather PhillipsonTRUE TO SIZE, part 6: DELUGE, 2015, courtesy of the artist; Nick GranataFalling and Dancing, 2019, courtesy of the artist.

Thursday 11 July

dog dog food dog, Mattina Hiwaizi, 2018
Revisiting Genesis - Episode 6, Oreet Ashery, 2018
YOU ARE BORING!, Vika Kirchenbauer, 2015
Professional Body, Rosie Gibbens, 2018
Laindon, Maz Murray, 2018

Image credits: Mattina Hiwaizidog dog food dog, , 2018, courtesy of the artist; Oreet AsheryRevisiting Genesis - Episode 6, 2018; Vika Kirchenbauer, YOU ARE BORING!, 2015, courtesy of the artist; Rosie Gibbens, Professional Body, 2018, courtesy of the artist; Marianne Murray, Laindon, 2018, courtesy of the artist.

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